Services Around the Community




             AA                                               Every Monday Night at 7:30 PM



             T.O.P.S.                                     Every Monday from 8:00 AM-11:00 PM



             Boy Scouts                                 Every Monday at 7:00 PM



             Garbage Pickup                      First & Third Saturday 9-11:30 AM for a fee



Township Cemetery                Cemetery is located ˝ mile west of M24



Greater Thumb Transit Authority-Economical Transportation Service for Lapeer area residents is provided by GLTA.  Discount coupons are available by calling 810-664-4566.



             Tax Payments By Credit Card Or E-check

Deerfield Township accepts Point and Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Discover,  American Express and E-Checks for payment of taxes. There is a 3% fee with a minimum fee of $1.50 and $3 charge for E-check.  Call 855-893-2382 for interactive voice response or pay on line  by clicking Tax Information.



              Funeral Dinner                       Hall is free for funeral dinner if available.



                                                                 FREE OR REDUCED RATE HALL RENTAL

                                                                 POLICY AS OF 3/7/2018


                                                                 FREE RENTAL. The free rental is only if a room is available.  The free rental is only                                                                  if alcohol is not going to be served.  The following are grandfathered in for one free                                                                     rental per year on Friday thru Sunday.


                                                                 1) FUNERAL The intent is to provide one free funeral rental for each person that                                                                       lived in the Township.