All fees are subject to change by Deerfield Township Board.


 REZONING                              $755 If approved third publication will be assessed to petitioner            (Advertised and Letters)


VARIANCE                               $425 No money returned to petitioner.  (Advertised and Letters)


SPECIAL LAND USE               $430 No money returned to petitioner (Advertised and Letters)


EASEMENT                              No charge.  Special Land Use Application must be filled out


PRIVATE ROAD                       $255 No money returned to petitioner.  Requires engineering


SITE PLAN REVIEW               $380 No letters.  May require additional fees.


TEMPORARY TRAILER       No Charge for application.  $2,000 bond.  No letters.


SPLIT FEE                                $50 for each parcel number.  Needs survey.


CEMETERY LOTS                   Residents $250  per plot.  $1,000 for full lot. 


GRAVE OPENING                   Regular $400, Infant $125, Cremation $125


HALL RENTAL                        Community Room, 233 people, $560 for 7 hours.

                                                   North Room, 97 people, $260 for 7 hours.

                                                   Senior Room, 50 people, $100 for 7 hours.

                                                   All rooms, $150 deposit to reserve, $300,000 liability insurance.